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Reservation of holiday package

This is a holiday package valid for a fixed duration and period of stay.
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Special march offer + LIFT PASS - 65 € per person in Apartment Maisonette per day


 Overnight in the chosen type of unit

 Breakfast

 All-day FLEXY ski pass 2in1 for ski areas Pamporovo and Mechi Chal (depending on the package)

 Indoor swimming pool, sauna and fitness

 Regulated transport with shuttle bus to the ski runs - time table available at the reception

 Free Wi-Fi access to all hotel areas

 Insurance, tourist tax and VAT 9%

 Free outdoor or indoor parking lot available on site

(Parking according to availability of parking spaces, prior reservations are not accepted)


 Overnights in the package equal the ski pass days for use

 The days of use are equal to the number of nights in the hotel.

 FLEXY SKI PASS - possible usage: half day during the first and half day during the last day of the stay.

 All guests with “BB Flexy + ski pass” package should inform the reception officer the way they would like to use ski pass:

1. Half day ski pass on the first day (in the afternoon) and last day of their stay (in the morning) - FLEXY PASS.

2. All-day ski pass after the arrival day and all-day lift pass on the departure day.

3. All-day ski pass on the arrival day and no lift pass on the departure day.

 FLEXY SKI PASS are issued and taken personally in the Tourist Information Center of Perelik Hotel.

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